I have over a period of now half a year tried to access my G2A account. This has gone to the point where the support will NOT even answer my tickets.

The reason my account got suspended was because of "Suspicious activity", which is ***. It starts with me depositing money on the site Hellcase.com. I had been doing that for about half a year before they, (G2A) suspended my account, for depositing money on a site i have been using regularly up until that point... Last message received from the support was following: "Greetings, We are checking your case and we will get back to you as quick as possible.

We kindly ask for your patience. Regards, G2A Team" My first impression was that they finally was doing something about my problem. The problem is though, the message was sent the 7th of december 2017. And to this date (09-01-2018) i am still to receive an actual answer from G2A support.

I have surely asked for their progress and an update on the situation, but to no success. This need to change if they still want a customer base in the future, because i don't ever see how this can be acceptable from any standpoint. Keep in mind i have been through 2 support tickets, and i am still in need of help from their support team.

Linked below is the screenshots of messages from the first time i contacted them, to the last time i have written and they have written. Regards, a pissed off consumer

Product or Service Mentioned: G2a Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

G2A Cons: Way they treat you as customer, Not offering a solution, Fake 24 7 support.

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Hi , I have the exact same problem with my account . The exact wow .Seems like they have working license by illegals way. My ticket ID is : TDHC-246445


Good Day, yeah I feel you. Last year I waited 6 MONTHS and had to contact a lawyer just so I can get my account back after being banned for no exmplanable reason.Two months ago I got banned AGAIN and for no exmplanable reason. As until now ny account is still blocked and My Email are being egnored.


Hello, Kris!

I'm sorry to hear about all the inconvenience that you encountered. I've checked your latest ticket - XWHW-533647 that was forwarded to our Security Department and it seems the issue has been already resolved.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this matter, it's greatly appreciated!

Kindly remind that our specialists at Security Department don't work 24/7 that's why it took that long.

Also, every similar case should be properly examined and responded to so it might take a bit longer to receive a respond from the specialists.

In the case of any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at helpdesk@g2a.com, we'll gladly help!

Best regards, Sofiia G2A Team


I don't expect your security department to work 24/7 and i never asked you if they do, but the thing about it is, that on your website it says "24/7 support" on the bottom of your page which clearly is a false statement. The fact is, that it took WAY too long to fix, and all fine and good that you answer on pissedconsumer.com after the problem finally was fixed. Still doesn't change a thing.I'll let you know that i kept away from as many sites as i could with your G2A tag on it.good day

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