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This is the reply I get from the so called "company." They will give me no information of the merchant who has stolen and used my debit account information, the supposed account, or the so called merchandise or good or services supposedly purchased from my stolen account information. They sent the last reply from a "no reply" email address.

Does anyone have any ideas of what to do? We are filing a police report alongside the bank as soon as the last charges go through.

Original review posted by user Jul 31, 2018

Your company has attempted to remove over 104$, over 100$, and over 28$ from my debit account over the last few days. I have a large family and very limited income.

We do not have a computer to buy games for nor do we have an account with your company. Why are you doing this to us? We are in the process of filing a police report and reports with our bank and hopefully all charges from your company will be marked as fraud from here out with all customers at our national bank chain.

This has really hurt our family this month in terms of buying necessities and everything for our home and children. Shame to you stealing account info and money!

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Update: They sent me two more messages after giving me no information, refusing to tell me where the charges came from, who they came from, for what, etc. They told me to confirm I have never used their vompany before for which I did.

They then sent me another messahe stating it needed further review, to a no replies email. They sent me this same email again today, then another email as they had when I had first contacted them discussing the matter, like it was the first time I had contacted them. It asked for my debit card information as the original email they sent earlier. It seems to be an automated reply or at the very least, the same sent to all customers as its worded exactly the same.

On Pissed Consumer, they blame me saying I use my debit card at gas stations, stores, etc, anyone cpuld have stolen the info therefor it is my fault for using a debit card from my bank and I shpuld had secured it better. They know what so called "merchant" at their company billed my account fraudulently for large amounts repeatedly and will not divulge any information nor stop this as they are a fraudulent company. There are other reviews from other consumers saying such as well. I am using my emails and PissedConsumer replies from the company to file the police reports as soon as the pending charge goes through.

They think they are untouchable as the are "Uk based." This is not true Also, please note PissedConsumer, if you read this, I can not enter the information you asked for in the email you sent me to make this review more visible as there is no product link for anything I bought because I bought no product. Its a fraudulent company stealing bank account information.


You apparently use a debit card and, as such this method of paying for things either online or in local stores, gas stations, etc. can be very dangerous to your financial health when someone steals your account info.

It could have been stolen anywhere you used it. The charges are coming from Poland and elsewhere because whomever has your debit card account info is using it to purchase goods online to be sent to various places from various companies. Make sure you have filed a fraud alert with your bank and that they have issued you a new card with a new account number, etc. You are not liable for fraudulent charges, however if monies have been debited from your account fraudulently, you now must rely on your bank to refund the bad charges, etc.

You are a victim of fraud. It happens with regularity nowadays. Best not to use a debit card at all as the money comes out immediately. That's why fraudsters prefer debit cards over credit cards.

Good luck. The company, G2a had no idea the debit card was being fraudulently used. The most common places to skim card numbers is from gas stations, ATM machines and crooked online stores.

Or, they could just buy thousands of account numbers from one of many online sites for pennies per and then try them and if good, use them for nefarious purposes. Good luck.


Yet, as I previously stated, your company can give me no information on the charges from your company? There are numerous other customers complaining on here about the same such issues. I call fraud on this company and as I also stated previously, will be filing police reports.


Thats a funny reply comsidering I am on your website writing your "help desk" (which is a joke) and they have said they could stop charges but not reverse them since it is another merchant charging it. I did not nor did anyone else give your company permission to charge my account.

This is a case of my account numbers being stolen and used for over 104$, over 100$, and over 28$, with me receiving absolutely no goods or services. Your "company" will not give me any information on the so called merchant, account, or goods or services being charged for. This company is pure fraud! What a VERY unprofessional response!

"Secure your account better." I have NO account with your company!

I am filing a police report alongside my bank as soon as the last charge goes through as the bank informed me. They are the ones who alerted me to this fraudulent company charging from Poland and other countries.


Someone in your "family" gave them the account number. Secure your information better.

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